Resonance with your soul gives you the sweetest sensation of feeling in love with life, exactly as it is, and everything it has to offer.

Soul Resonance Therapy with Jacob Vermeulen

Soul Resonance
TherapyTM with
Jacob Vermeulen

Soul Resonance Therapy guides you directly to your core of Being where self-healing can be fully activated and engaged.

Resignation, anxiety, chronic tension and depressed states are the logical result of the burden of old wounds, conditionings, emotional overwhelm, trauma, physical imbalance or disease.

Soul Resonance Therapy lovingly guides you to first discover with compassionate understanding the many dynamics and influences at play from a different internal and experiential perspective.

In this healing modality, you're moving from the innocence of 'resistance' into the aliveness of 'resonance' with the conditioned aspects in yourself that you deeply wish to fully resolve and transform. By connecting first with the unique vibration of 'the issue', you can meet it with great tenderness while disarming and releasing it, so the self-healing process can do the rest.

‘With Humility, Presence, and Mastery, Jacob is a deeply compassionate and clear conduit for this potent and profoundly effective healing modality. 1:1 work with Jacob has elicited - for me - transformative inner paradigm shifts of embodied direct experience. In other words, they are shifts that simply don’t come undone.'

- Daniela, Co-founder & Lead educator of Yoga Farm Ithaca

'From working with Jacob, I received transmissions and waves of comprehension that moved me as an ocean. I now know the power of true authenticity creates so many consequences on every aspect of my existence. This work allows me to realize what I want in my life, how I want to be, and what kind of truthfulness to myself and the world I want to be.'

- Angelica Carletti, Project Manager

‘Jacob helped me to open up into some of the innermost aspects of myself. We have worked through everything from childhood trauma, to ancestral wounding, to finding my flow within my business and life in general. The intuitive energy and loving kindness he brings to the container make it possible for me to engage in extremely deep and valuable work.'

- Angelika Shelley, Healer & Entrepreneur

Is this healing work for me?

This dynamic and multifaceted healing work is suited for anyone who has come to a point where they have both the motivation and the willingness to be guided to the core of Being where the potential for your healing abides. This can feel uncomfortable, and it takes a genuine courage to go so deeply inward. This is terrain in which one wisely enters escorted safely with a masterful guide.

Whether your 'symptoms' are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, Soul Resonance Therapy looks at you as a whole Soul. From this holistic perspective, you are skillfully and compassionately guided towards a different and direct experience of your current reality - and this shifts everything.

What clients typically
experience as a result of 1:1
Soul Resonance Therapy

Embodied Lightness
of Being

Enthusiasm &
Inspired Living

Feeling Present in your life, equipped to experience the Living, Present Moment as it is, without resistance.

Who is Jacob Vermeulen?

Jacob embodies a tremendously compassionate presence while maintaining a laser-like directness with you. His unique skills as a healer were quite evident to all at a very young age.

Combined with his intensive personal self-development and study over 10 years -  plus experience as a highly skilled teacher and facilitator, you have a therapist who is grounded, deeply present, and swift. Jacob's unique abilities catalyses client healing in remarkably effective ways.

He has merged his talents as a healer with his gifts as a singer-pianist and music producer to bring original mantras and soundscapes that have helped thousands of people all over the world in group work and 1:1 to reconnect with their authentic voices and instinctive movement.

The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires


How does it work?

In advance of our first session together, you’ll complete a self reflective intake form which affords us the most productive work together, right away.

You can choose between a single session or a series of sessions. A single session allows you to discover for yourself the efficacy of Resonance Therapy and to hone in on one specific topic.

A series of sessions is ideal when you are 100% committed to the thoroughness this work affords you as a healing modality, and allows us to get to the very roots and effects of long-standing wounds from conditioned life experiences.

Sessions are available in English, Dutch or French.

Sessions are recorded for you so you may refer back to it and recollect the gems from your experience and to refresh your inner posture in your insights.

A session length is between 90 and 120 minutes.

Sometimes a session will be split into two shorter sessions of 60 minutes if this better serves the process.

Session take place via Zoom or in-person in Bruges, Belgium.

Pricing & Booking

🔸 Single session

Standalone session

350 euro / ±350 USD


🔸 Core Resolution Process

Series of 3 sessions

900 euro / ±900 USD*


🔸 Soul Resonance Mastery

Series of 5 sessions
with personalized mantra specifically created to match your Soul’s Resonance

1950 euro/ ±1950 USD*


*Can be split in 2 or 3 monthly payments upon request.

Would you like to get in touch before booking a session? Let’s have a chat via WhatsApp or hop on Zoom for a short call.


The words ‘therapy’ in this work refers to the Greek origin therapeia meaning ‘healing’. It’s not referring to or a replacement of licensed counselor work. The Soul Resonance Therapy method is developed by Jacob Vermeulen as a coaching modality, and not as an alternative for professional medical help.

The soul is the direct experience of one’s existence.


Soul Resonance Meditation

A dynamic meditation for daily inspiration, alignment or re-orientation with your Soul’s vibration and path.  

A gift to yourself by pausing for 15 minutes, joining a warm-hearted global community.

A gentle yet powerful moment of self-love. Whether it is to elevate your energy, or to feel an authentic shift in perspective, Soul Resonance Meditation will guide you inwardly to exactly what your Soul is seeking.

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